In clinic and ambulatory services provided:


Cattle Services:

Herd Health Services: pregnancy checking, Bangs vaccinating, bull semen evaluations, pelvic measuring, preventative medicine consultation, health certificates, foot trimming

Medical: sick animal examinations and treatment, IV treatment, hospitalization, bandage and cast applications

Surgery: Caesarian sections, prolapse replacement, penile surgeries, exploratory laparotomies, wound treatment, eye surgery, rumen fistula placement, other soft tissue surgeries

Diagnostics: Laboratory testing, x-ray and ultrasound, cultures, necropsies

Retail sales of animal health products and equipment

Pet Services

Wellness : Wellness examinations, heartworm, flea & tick and vaccination preventative programs, dental prophylaxis

Medical: examinations, hospitalization, treatments and prescriptions, IV therapy, pain management, physical therapy

Surgical: tooth extractions, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery including cruciate repair, fracture repair and patellar luxation surgeries; patient monitoring of blood pressure, pulse oximeter readings and ECG

Diagnostics: Laboratory testing, x-ray and ultrasound, cultures, biopsies, necropsies, blood pressure

Retail sales of animal medications, parasitical preventatives, nutritional supplements, pet food and prescription diets; mail ordering is available

Consultations: behavioral consultations, nutritional consultations and referral services available

Grooming: Darcy Grooming is present on site with a full range of grooming services

Boarding; large runs and cages available with twice a day walking provided; cat and dog kennel areas are in separate facilities; basic medication administration is included

Horse Services

Health Services: wellness exams, pregnancy checking, preventative vaccination administration and sales, deworming, floating teeth, health certificates

Medical: examinations, treatment, bandage and cast applications, lameness evaluations, wound therapy

Surgery: Wound surgery, Caslick's, growth removals, castrations

Diagnostics: laboratory testing, Coggins, x-ray, cultures, necropsies

Retail sales of animal health products, supplements and equipment

Pocket pets

Basic medical and surgical treatments for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, gerbils


We provide basic services for elk, deer, bison and other large exotic breeds in the farmed exotic industry. CWD testing, TB testing and bleeding for other diagnostics, health certificates and individual disease diagnosis and treatment are available.

Recommendations for Patient Care

Our staff will provide clients with patient care options in the hopes of obtaining the best care for that individual patient and to allow the owner to make informed decisions as to their care. We will respect the choices made by families and owners.